Cubs 2016: Aim for the Tree

  Prelude: A Void I grew up in the shadows of greatness, as if it once resided here but now was gone, long gone. The rot and decay we sensed throughout the tumult of the ‘70s was echoed in the rot and decay we experienced firsthand with our baseball team. Chicago itself seemed to be […]

World Series 2016 Ramblings

“The Cubs are chokers. Always have been, always will be.” Next year, baby! “The Flubs will never win the World Series. I don’t know how you can support a team that hasn’t won a championship in eons.” C’mon, give it a rest. I grow weary of your childish comments. “The Cubs suck. 1969, 1984, 2003…you’ll […]

Back to Normal

As you may or may not know, we are incubating a rapidly growing company in our office. Fun stuff. And while this may be a bit of an exaggeration, they seem to have a new hire every week. If you want to know how we put that company together, and it is a cool story, […]

Cubs tickets for 5/3 and an explanation

Sometimes you make an investment. That investment might be something personal – setting up a college fun for the kids or planning for your retirement.  Sometimes you make a business investment — new computers or manufacturing equipment or personnel. Or sometimes you invest in something truly important, you know, a new set of golf clubs […]

Bill’s Philosophy of Offering

The entire world is asking – for a job, for money, for advice, for time – and as a result, all of that asking becomes background noise. Eardrum buzz. Instead of doing what everyone else does, do something different. Offer something. Professionals selling products and services often run into the buzz saw of the eardrum buzz. […]

How to Avoid Being ‘Networked to Death’

Last week I was fortunate enough to make a presentation to a professional networking group at the University Club in Chicago. Since I am a firm believer in short, terse, pithy titles, I called the darn thing, “How to Avoid being Networked to Death and Instead Do Things That Open Doors.”  And then on the next […]