How to Avoid Being ‘Networked to Death’

Last week I was fortunate enough to make a presentation to a professional networking group at the University Club in Chicago. Since I am a firm believer in short, terse, pithy titles, I called the darn thing, “How to Avoid being Networked to Death and Instead Do Things That Open Doors.”  And then on the next […]

Is Your Receptionist a Spam Filter on Steroids?

Business owners and executives are busy people. We get it. Often they are inundated with phone calls from pests and idiots of every persuasion. As a result, receptionists are often charged with screening out the dolts. The problem? The receptionists actually are screening out EVERYONE. Here’s an open letter to owners and executives everywhere. Dear […]

White Noise Shootouts In The PE Corral

Private equity plays a hugely important role in our economy, but alas, business owners are looking for a reason to not answer the phone when a private equity firm calls. Here’s my take on situation…replete with a few tips for cutting through the clutter. By Bill Snow   The phone rings. The caller ID display indicates the […]

Selling Your Business, Part II

By Bill Snow OK, so you’ve made the decision to sell your business.  You’ve gone through a process and multiple buyers are pursuing you to sign their letter of intent (LOI).  You’re done, right?  You just pick the deal that gives you the most money, right?  Easy!  Well….not really. Signing a LOI does not mean […]

Selling Your Business, Part I

By Bill Snow The decision to sell your business or bring in a new investor is often confusing, frustrating, time consuming, and expensive.  As difficult as that decision is, the process can be even more difficult. Business owners have spent their time building their businesses, not necessarily selling those businesses.  The business sale process is […]

Column title…do we have a winner?

OK, how about “Get the M&A Drift with Bill Snow”? What does everyone think? If this is the title, I guess Clare is the “Big Ol’ Winner” of the autographed copy of the book since she suggested the “get the drift” bit. Mom is crushed now that she has been moved to the “Big Ol’ Loser” group. […]