Cubs tickets for 5/3 and an explanation

Sometimes you make an investment. That investment might be something personal – setting up a college fun for the kids or planning for your retirement.  Sometimes you make a business investment — new computers or manufacturing equipment or personnel. Or sometimes you invest in something truly important, you know, a new set of golf clubs that will help you break 80. “This is it,” you tell yourself, “this is the final piece that will help me break 80! It’s not the indian, it’s the arrows! It’s gonna happen this time! All I needed to turn around my faltering golf game was to pair new equipment with my same, crumby golf swing!”

And sometimes you bump your head, fall down a flight of stairs, get hit by a cab, and get struck by lightning while on your way to a marketing meeting and in your fried, concussed stupor you have an epiphany: “Hey! Let’s invest in marketing by buying season tickets for the Cubs!”

That’s what we did and that’s why I’m emailing you. So the good news is you’re in my trusted circle. This means you’ll be getting emails like this from me on a regular basis. The bad news is you’re in my trusted circle and that means you’ll be getting emails like this from me on a regular basis.

We have 4 tickets to the game on Saturday. May 3, 12:05 start. Cubs vs. the hated Cardinals. If you’d like all or some of the tickets, let me know.

If you don’t want to receive any more emails like this, just let me know and I’ll take you off my list. If you think any of your colleagues would like to receive my wondrous emails bearing gifts of corporate largess, feel free to forward this to them. If they contact me, I’ll add them to my list.