I get ideas and I write stuff. So you’ll have to excuse this oft-jumbled mix of business, creativity, words, pop culture, dogs, history, economics, golf, deal making, and humor. If it doesn’t seem to jive in your mind, please know it makes sense to me – it’s my mashup.

Creativity is born out of the clash of cultures. I’m a big believer in that. Whether we like it or not, heterogeneous cultures force us to deal with people with different values, opinions, habits, and beliefs. We might not like those differences, those differences often have violent and unfortunate outcomes, but those differences open our eyes to different views and approaches and in turn, that helps to unleash the unlimited creativity of our minds.

The ability to solve anything is inside all of our brains. I am convinced of that.

My Facebook page, blog, and my other sundry writings focus on a couple key principles:

  • The engine of the world is the human brain
  • Humans face no problems we cannot solve
  • Human creativity and problem solving is unlimited
  • The greater the number of people who are involved, active, and productive, the richer we all become. Those who sit on the sidelines make us all poorer.
  • Work is sacred.
  • We have a moral obligation to be profitable. The absence of profit means loss, inefficiency, and waste.
  • Your profit is the fruit of your thought processes and your ability to garner a result. What you do with that profit is your business.
  • We are limited only by ourselves.
  • Trying and failing is not shameful; failing to try is.
  • Unless we’re moving forward we’re dying.
  • Those experiencing the greatest mashup of cultures, people, values, and interests will be the most innovative of us all.

Humans have shown an incredible ability to feed themselves by actualizing the ideas in their brains. Think about that. We turn abstract thought into nourishment. The further we move away from subsistence living and a hunter-gather mentality, the better, and I believe we are far closer to the beginning of that process than the end. Our best days lie ahead.

I am also convinced that fully actualizing our potential involves golf, baseball, cold beer, and loyal dogs.

I’m an investment banker, author, columnist, speaker, and hack golfer.