Networking is a Curable Condition

Networking Is A Curable Condition Tips and insights to help improve wayward networking – release date is May 12! Order your copy now!

Are you dissatisfied with your networking? Are you struggling to start your career? Are you a “seasoned” professional trying to find a new job or perhaps a new career direction? Are your sales people struggling to connect with prospects? Are you interested in learning about some strategies and tactics that can help you and your people remedy these challenges? And are you hoping to do that by spending as little money as possible?

If so, then Bill Snow has the book for you! Networking Is A Curable Condition is a fast paced, insightful, and often humorous book that describes how author, speaker, and investment banker Bill Snow turned career indifference into a self-published book, job opportunities, a book deal with a larger publisher, and quite a bit of networking know-how.

And he does so for the low, low price of 99 measly US cents.

Networking Is A Curable Condition explains what author Bill Snow did to jump-start his career, connect with others, and create opportunities for himself (and others). Readers will learn the power of offering instead of asking, examine their strengths and weaknesses, learn how they learn, replace their elevator pitch with a golf ball pitch, and will be given some fresh ideas about job titles and descriptions. You’ll never look at the terms “business development” or “thought leader” the same way again. And you get all of this for the low, low price of almost free! Networking Is A Curable Condition is only 99 US Cents…and worth the price!

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