SEO and Lead Gen Professionals

So you want to speak to me about how your great service can help me win clients. I’d be delighted to speak with you and better yet, I’m not going to let your canned pitch get in the way of your career. So here’s the deal: I’ll speak with you if you can explain to me what we do, who our clients are, how we win business, and most important of all, how your service will help us reach our targets and convert them to clients. I make this offer to every SEO and lead gen person who contacts me. No one has taken me up on my offer. Maybe you’re different, but I doubt it. I can be reached at bill at bill snow dot com. Dazzle me.

Please note

Before you contact me, you might want to make a modest investment in your career and take a gander at my book on networking. For a mere 99 cents (ebook only, the paper version costs a bit more) you can pick up some tips and ideas that might help you as you try to connect with people and win business. Networking Is A Curable Condition is available on Amazon for immediate download.