Bill’s Speaker Rider

Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to remove all the brown M&Ms.

If you would like to me speak to your group, I have a pretty simple set up. I will bring my laptop, with my presentation, so all I need is access to your AV equipment. You will need to supply:

  • A projector and screen (or a monitor)
  • A podium with a flat surface
  • All necessary cords
  • If the room is large, please provide a clip on microphone (wireless preferred, but not necessary). For small rooms, my un-amplified voice should be sufficient.

I will place my laptop on the podium. This is why the surface needs to be flat! Also, the “all necessary cords” comment means the cords need to be long enough to reach from the podium to where the projector is located.

I utilize “presenter” view in PowerPoint. This means the presentation on the screen (or monitor) will be different than what I see on my laptop.

Lastly, I’ll arrive at least a half hour before the presentation to make sure we have sufficient time to set up everything. If you are interested in having me present to your group, simply send me an email at bill at billsnow dot com.