Networking Is A Curable Condition – Presentation

Tips and insights to help improve wayward networking

  • Are you dissatisfied with your networking
  • Are your sales people struggling to connect with prospects
  • Are you interested in some ideas that can help remedy these challenges?

Networking Is A Curable Condition is a fast paced, insightful, and often humorous presentation. Investment banker Bill Snow relays his story about how he turned frustration over a lost business opportunity into a self-published book, job opportunities, a book deal with a large publisher, and quite a bit of networking know-how.

Organizations where Bill has presented Networking Is A Curable Condition include First Merit Bank, Chase Bank, the Illinois CPA Society, Ice Miller, the University Club of Chicago, and more.

About Bill

Bill is a speaker, writing, and by his own reckoning, an “accidental marketer.” He is also a recovering bad networker. Networking is a Curable Condition is a perfect presentation for sales professionals, managers and owners trying to motivate their sales people, or anyone looking to connect with other people. If you are interested in having him present to your company, group, clients, prospects, or anyone who has a modicum of ability to listen, send him an email